The best distortion plugin on earth

Ohmicide:Melohman takes the concept of multi-band distortion further thanks to a new, more versatile technology as well as a modern interface and live performance-oriented features. But in the end, it's all about sound.
From slight dirt to pure carnage, Ohmicide is the best sound killer ever.


It's an absolutely crazy multiband distortion, compression, EQ and filter, which pretty much lets you do anything.

Singer-songwriter, producer

4-frequency bands

Break your signal down into separate frequency bands and apply individual processing to each of them. Within a single band, tune various parameters in different sections such as noise gate, dynamics, distortion, feedback and mixer. You can do this for all four, independently of one another.


Designed to support playability and expressive human feeling, the Melohman technology lets you take advantage of full MIDI compatibility to command preset changes via a hardware controller, in any 1 of 7 different modes, with the possibility of customizing the morphing speed. Perfect for live use.

Tom Rowlands

I really dig the new Ohmicide plugin in its some heavy duty bizniz.

The Chemical Brothers

Armin Van Buuren

We use Ohmicide on almost every track now. Essential purchase.

DJ & Producer, Grammy Winner, voted 5 times (and counting) Best DJ by DJ Magazine's readers.

Variety of distortion types

Thanks to the addition of new algorithms, Ohmicide offers more than 80 distortion models. From classic to extreme harsh tones, you will find the best way to distort any audio source. And if you don't know where to start, thousand of presets will help you figure out what this beast is capable of!

Advanced Interface

Ohmicide comes in a unique, 3D skin designed to make its use straightforward, clear and incredibly fun all at once. From flying knobs to the real-time monitoring of input and output spectrums, enjoy interactions between user actions and graphical animations. As a bonus, enjoy Plum Force's face and various moods.

Jacknife Lee

Ohmicide is a work of fine art.

Grammy award producer w/ U2, REM, Bloc Party, Weezer

Dubstep pack

Wanna see what Ohmicide is capable of on real projects? Ever asked yourself what crazy settings were behind a standard Dubstep config?

Here comes the Ohmicide Dubstep Session Pack 1 by our partner Clicksound.

It includes the following products:
- Ableton Dubstep Session Pack - 3 construction templates, all within one Ableton project
- 3 Dubstep Micro Element construction templates for Logic Pro

All of the construction templates for Ableton Live and Logic Pro within this pack are fully editable Dubstep templates, which allow you to have unrestricted control over any part of the template. You can change the speed, pitch and arrangement of any part such as the drums, baselines or synth leads... what ever suites your mood! They are completely customisable and contain the building blocks for your next Dubstep project. Within each construction template you will be able to see how all of the channels are created, how the sounds are layered and placed in to the arrangement pages and how the included side-chain compression is configured.

Warning: The Ableton Live templates in the Dubstep pack use Ohmicide VST and are not compatible with other plugin formats. The Logic Pro templates use AU only.

If you already have a registered Ohmicide, you can buy the Dubstep pack only (without plugin) after .

Works with

Mac (32/64) Windows (32/64)
VST (for Windows and Mac) Audio units (for Mac only) AAX (for Windows and Mac)



"Ohmicide Trailer " by Ohm Force
"Ohmicide Dynamics Processing/Destruction" by Michael Hetrick (USA)
"Ohmicide Melohman tutorial (Ohm Force distortion plugin)" by Colin Stark (Germany)
"Ohmicide:Melohman drum hero" by Matt Walker (USA)
"Evil-fi your acoustic drum tracks!" by Erci Beam USA

As with all Ohm Force plugins

Thanks to auto-bind, you can control any parameter via your MIDI controller. Adjust LFO phase to be in sync with your host's tempo. Save and load settings in no time. Group parameters together for advanced control. Morph between presets to produce surprising transaction effects, sonically as well as visually.