Classic ARP sound with no compromise

Always dreamed about creating those timeless analogue tones of the likes of Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk or Portishead? Here comes GForce Oddity, software emulation of the famous ARP Odyssey. Now that software has removed all constraints, the only thing left to do is to enjoy the classic sound.

Trent Reznor

I bought the Oddity [...] a few months ago and couldn't believe how great [it was].

Nine Inch Nails

Odyssey's interface

Yes, these are the same sliders found on the legendary ARP Odyssey hardware synth except they don't break! Oddity's interface has been designed to comply with its ancestor's on-board commands. Aficionados will love it, newcomers will need time to get used to. Authenticity guaranteed.

Luke Slater

Absolutely right on! So far we've used the Oddity in particular on every track I've done. Thanks for being original.

DJ, producer

Mythical sound

The sound synthesis is also extremely close to Odyssey's: VCOs, noise generator, VCF, VCA, HPF, Ring Modulator, LFO, Sample & Hold, ADSR, AR... everything you need to (re)create those aggressive, funky leads and basses, but also a whole range of futuristic special effects. 382 presets help you get inspired.

Actually usable

Analogue synths are charming but, besides their prohibitive price, they can be a pain to handle and Odyssey is no exception. Oddity takes advantage of its digital format to provide playability and reliability through many practical features. This beast is finally a pleasure to play with, in any situation.


"Oddity" by Dave Spiers (GForce)
"Oddity Tutorial - Oscillators & Waveforms" by Dave Spiers (GForce)
"Oddity Tutorial - Pulse Width Modulation" by Dave Spiers (GForce)
"Oddity Demo #1" by keybdwizrd

As with all Ohm Force plugins

Thanks to auto-bind, you can control any parameter via your MIDI controller. Adjust LFO phase to be in sync with your host's tempo. Save and load settings in no time. Group parameters together for advanced control. Morph between presets to produce surprising transaction effects, sonically as well as visually.