Minimoog on steroids

Recreating a close emulation of the legendary Minimoog, Minimonsta is far from another hardware-to-software porting. While capable of producing sounds that remind you very much of its so far unsurpassed model, it does an incredible job of extending the possibilities to a rare level of creativity.

Rick Wakeman

There's simply nothing out there that comes close to this little beauty.



All the features and sounds of the Minimoog including accurate waveforms, a painstakingly accurate resonant filter, snappy ADS envelope generators and the Mini loop-feedback function. Using just these parameters, the Minimonsta has a huge tonal range from fat to fierce and from searing to sharp sizzles.

Celmar Engel

That's the first I feel the "Big Scraping Bottom" impression of a Real Analog Synth sound delivered by a plugin. Amazing.

Synth guru w/ Eurythmics, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder...


Assign an LFO - and even extra ADSR - to almost any original Mini parameter, including filter cut-off, resonance, individual oscillator volumes and each envelope parameter. Each LFO has several waveforms, sync and delay options to choose from. Assign MIDI modulation and create spectacular effects.


Designed to support playability and expressive human feeling, the Melohman technology lets you take advantage of full MIDI compatibility to command preset changes via a hardware controller, in 1 among 7 different modes, with the possibility to customise morphing speed. Perfect for live.


"Gforce - Minimonsta" by Dave Spiers
"Rick Wakeman on Minimonsta" By Rick Wakeman
"minimonsta Tutorial - Pulse Width Modulation" by Dave Spiers (GForce)
"Minimonsta Impressions @NAMM" by GForce

As with all Ohm Force plugins

Thanks to auto-bind, you can control any parameter via your MIDI controller. Adjust LFO phase to be in sync with your host's tempo. Save and load settings in no time. Group parameters together for advanced control. Morph between presets to produce surprising transaction effects, sonically as well as visually.