Ohm Studio in action during a collab event

Make music, online, together, now.

Ohm Studio is the first real-time collaborative digital audio workstation. Start a project, invite musicians and make music together. It's as simple as that.
Download the application and join a worldwide online cohmunity of musicians and producers.

Join a worldwide online cohmunity of musicians and producers.

The music software that changes everything

Ohm Studio is the first cloud-based Digital Audio Workstation. It supports the standards needed for professional music making, but instead of forcing everyone involved in a project to be in the same studio or painstakingly exchanging files, it makes the project constantly available at anytime, from anywhere. Several users can record, arrange or produce simultaneously, or each at their own pace. Ultimately you save time and you save money, your music sounds better and you never lose your data.

All our plugins. All your plugins

Ohm Studio comes with a collection of plug-ins you've never seen in any DAW: years of development has been put into FX & Instruments that are used by some of the most renowned musicians out there. There is also a cute collection of handy and impeccable sounding classic plugins, complete with excellent third party freebees. You can also use all of your VST plugins and share the sound they give thorough Ohm Studio quick collab freeze feature!

Collaboration at the core

As a new feature, it's tempting to see collaboration as an extra line in a list. While designing the Ohm Studio, we were led by the idea that it is more than just that. We've worked to free you from having to establish a connection, keep data synchronized, deal with rights, keep track of who did what, enable you to get privacy when you need it. etc. Every part in Ohm Studio has been thought through so as to be collaboration proof.

Replace machines with humans

Even lonesome electro artist ends up with some vocalist or producers on his record. Using samplers presets may have done a fine job so far covering the fields you don't excel at, but they don't compete with real instruments or skilled audio geeks. Connect to Ohm Studio, browse for musicians, composers and producers; listen to what they do, invite them on your projects. Get your music to sound better, and enjoy a rich human experience!