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About Ohm Force

In 2000, we created Ohm Force in order to make great plugins straight away. With the experience and skills acquired through trials and error, we gradually came to develop Ohm Studio, the very project the company was born for. Over the years and throughout the incredible number of crazy adventures we experienced, one thing has always remained: our freedom. And we're still working hard to preserve it.

What makes Ohm Force so special?

First and foremost, we always focus on quality before schedule imperatives or other constraints. It's terribly painful for us to release products that we do not consider good enough and we've often taken the time to improve them until they meets our requirements. Ohmicide falls into that category.

Second, we really want to be used and loved by our users on a massive scale. Putting a high price on making it look professional or valuable is not a part of our philosophy. We've always targeted affordable prices, granting up to 50% off to students and refunding customers who are not satisfied.

Last, but not least, we don't take things too seriously. We allow ourselves the right to do a few stupid things every year. So, don't be surprised if you sometimes come across some disturbing pictures around here.

Active founders:
Franck Bacquet


Franck coordinates projects, contributes to specifications, designs the website and counts the money. He used to contribute to plugin development (Frohmage). Note that he has also been a top Warcraft player since 1995.

Raphael Dingé

Lead developer, API architect, GUI expert

Raphael codes super fast and can solve any issue. He's secretly building webD, a new web server delivering higher performance, ohmOS, the operating system launching webD, and rafIDE, a better development tool. But he's still a casual guy, sniping rare cameras on eBay while eating the same lunch menu for weeks - like everyone actually.

Laurent de Soras

DSP guru, lead developer and specification designer

A mad genius who went into developing at the age of 10... not without consequences. He wishes he could hate cats for a living, but has failed to find the appropriate business plan yet. Believe it or not, he is the sound of Ohm Force.

Gregory Makles

Communication & Design

After his art studies Gregory Makles started both Ohm Force with his "code minded" partners and a side career as a graphic novelist. He has been working on all of Ohm Force's plugins from feature design to visuals & communication and of course on Ohm Force's secret project all along - Ohm Studio, the first cloud based DAW. He's now handling communication & community management (when he's not lobbying intensively to get his own feature list put in the top priorities).

Vincent Birebent

Web developer and admin

Vincent is the most reliable of us all - just a bit less than a machine - and that's priceless. He retired himself to a remote French burg and since then has lived in harmony with cows.


Tony Maserati

Thanks for making something easy and interesting to use.

Producer, w/ Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Fergie, etc.


It[Ohmicide]'s an absolutely crazy multiband distortion, compression, EQ and filter, which pretty much lets you do anything.

Singer-songwriter, producer

Hector Castillo

In my last album I used ample doses of Ohmicide:Melohman, OhmBoyz, Hematohm, Predatohm and Symptohm:Melohman.

Sound engineer, w/ Bjork, David Bowie, Philip Glass, etc.


I only wish we had known about your plugins earlier. [...] All those hours [spent making sounds less generic] have been reduced to a few seconds with these plugins. Great stuff!

Halou, w/ Radiohead, Frank Sinatra, New Order, etc.

Russ Russel

I'm really diggin Ohmicide - It's like listening to the noises I've been having in my head for years. [...] It'll be my default weapon of attack from now on.

Producer, w/ Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, etc.

Liam Howlett

Oh shit! These fellas are the shit!

The Prodigy

Celmar Engel

[About the Minimonsta:Melohman] That's the first I feel the "Big Scraping Bottom" impression of a Real Analog Synth sound delivered by a plugin. Amazing.

Synth guru w/ Eurythmics, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder...

Adam Freeland

Since I've been using Ohm, my chest has got a lot more hairy and hot girls keep asking for a fondle, I'd recommend Ohm to anyone.


Jagz Kooner

I would be very happy to be associated with Ohm Force!

Producer, w/ Radio 4, Primal Scream, Garbage, etc.

Andy Moor

Life without many of their plugins is not worth thinking about. Always the first group of plugins I go to when looking for inspiration.

World-famous trance- and progressive DJ/producer