Ohmboyz Infinity screenshot
“I do love and use your plugins all the time and was amazed when I first tried out the OhmBoyz delay.”
Peter Kruder
Kruder & Dorfmeister
The delay that conquered
the planet redesigned at
galactical scale.

Taps, analog and digital delays, multi-FX, insane modulations: Ohmboyz Infinity does everything, extensively.

Filters and EQ at every stage of the routing gives you excellent control of the sound

Unique Macros² system allows for unprecedented live expression and fast presets exploration

Slick, carefully crafted User Interface with handy knobs, fast navigation and a good read of the action.

Meet the Macros²

Macros are nothing new in the world of audio - they are simply “meta” parameter that drives one or more other. Their main use is generally to clarify for you what parameters you’ll find useful to tweak in a patch. But Macros² change that scope dramatically. By giving full control to preset creator on things like mapping range, response curve and multiple parameters assignation, they become intuitive controls for the musician that makes immediate sense musically and open a brave new world of live expression.

The Swiss Army Lightsaber of Delays

No matter what classic delay sounds of the last decades you’re after, Ohmboyz Infinity is providing. It does tap delays, it does analog like delays, digital delays, it has filter in the feedback loop, reverb, frequency shifter, distortion and more modulation than you can imagine.

And if you’d rather go for innovation, you’re in for a ride. Ever changing rhythms & tones patterns, scary sonic landscapes, scratch and bends, endless electronica variation, Ohmboyz Infinity opens a world of audio exploration that will reward your effort.

I started with Frohmage [...] and then gradually bought the rest. My favourites are OhmBoyz, Predatohm and now Symptohm, but I use them all...
Stuart Price
Grammy award producer, w/ Coldplay, Madonna, etc

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