allall ohm force bundle

Because each Ohm Force plugin is unique, it really makes sense to get them all. However, we understand that the total amount to pay following a strictly additive rationale may be prohibitive for many of you. That's why we're offering a massive 30% discount on the entire bundle. Buy this and you own a decade of Ohm Force history, forever.
Minimonsta and Oddity are not included.


symptohm granular synth

What is a synthesizer for? If, like us, you think that its very essence is forward-looking, creative sound synthesis, you will love Symptohm. It's not modelled after anything you are familiar with and, in combination with the incredible number of possibilities it offers, this is precisely what makes its strong.

oddity virtual analogue synth

Made in collaboration with Gmedia

Some instruments are remembered in history as epoch-making signature sounds. ARP Odyssey is one of them! But can you afford one? Ohm Force has teamed up with Gmedia to give birth to Oddity - simply the best software emulation in legend out there.

minimonsta virtual analogue

Made in collaboration with Gmedia

Hey, you know this sound? Yes, we've all heard this sound on some classic record. This is available to you now at a fraction of the original hardware's price. But this is no mere replica. The software format allows for powerful modern features that make creation and live performance really exciting.

symptohm PE granular

This Player edition is offered to anyone who wants an effective instrument with a large soundbank. The sound engine is the same as the original Symptohm's. Stay focused on playing... until you want to know more about what's behind this mysterious thing.

Works with

Mac (32/64) Windows (32/64)
VST (for Windows and Mac) Audio units (for Mac only) AAX (for Windows and Mac)