Hello World!

Welcome to Ohmicide on-line documentation. This new system get rid of PDF linear navigation and lack of updates to offer you a comprehensive set of evolving articles. The system itself will be improved to become a full featured wiki.

The first thing to note is that this documentation works on two level : Light and Full. Light gives you a quick acces to all the main things to know about Ohmicide . Still it's the top of the iceberg and on the long run you'll need all the detail of Full area. Light is accessible to everyone, but to browse the Full section you'll need to login with your account (assuming you have a registered Ohmicide copy on it).

If you haven't registered your Ohmicide yet, you can do it here.

If you need to buy it first, go there

If you just want to browse the Light area use the top left screenshot and the menu below to reach the info you need.